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Cosmetic Dentistry

Crown Dentistry’s main priority as your trusted oral health practitioners is to ensure your mouth is free from infection, disease, and pain—this includes emotional pain. We offer cosmetic dentistry services because we want you to see your smile the way we do: beautiful!


It might sound like an exaggeration when we say the appearance of your smile may be a source of emotional pain, but for people that keep their lips tight when photographed or cover their mouths when laughing, it’s no stretch of the truth. In fact, smiling and laughing causes your brain to release endorphins, also known as your happiness chemicals, so if you’re holding back from these good feelings because you don’t like your smile, it can absolutely affect your emotional health. If you’ve ever contemplated having a cosmetic dental procedure done but didn’t pursue it, we’d love to help you see it isn’t scary, inaccessible, or with the purpose of making you look like someone else—it’s all about revealing your own dazzling smile.
  • Adults between the ages of 31 and 50 are the most common cosmetic dentistry inquirers.
  • Whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure.
  • 48% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 have untagged themselves in photos on Facebook because they didn’t like their smile.
  • Many patients feel more confident about dental visits after having cosmetic dentistry performed.
  • Cosmetic dentistry can motivate you to take even better care of your bright, shiny smile.

Veneers can address several smile concerns with one treatment!

Veneers began as a temporary way to make celebrity smiles sparkle on screen. With time and technology, they’ve become a permanent procedure that’s offered in dental offices across the nation. At Crown Dentistry, we place customized porcelain and zirconia veneers.


  • Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain or zirconia affixed to your natural teeth to alter their appearance.
  • Your natural teeth may require preparation (filing) before placement.
  • Porcelain and zirconia are strong, stain-resistant materials built to last.
  • Veneers can resolve spacing between teeth, staining, minor crookedness and crowding, chipping, and differences in the size and shape of your teeth.

Make your dream smile a reality.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hawkins.

If you’ve tried toothpastes, strips, and mouthwashes that promised a bright white smile but didn’t deliver, treat yourself to professional whitening.

If you’d like to see a bright, white smile in under an hour, we can provide an in-office whitening treatment and send you home with a maintenance kit meant to make those results last longer.

  • Clinical tests have shown 0% of patients report sensitivity with whitening.
  • The average in-office whitening treatment reveals a smile 5 shades whiter.
  • At-home maintenance is simple and convenient.

For a fast fix without commitment, consider bonding.

If you love the look of veneers but need a less permanent solution that works with your budget, bonding could be right for you. Your smile can be made brighter, smoother, and more even with a mixture of tooth-colored composite resin and porcelain that’s molded to your teeth. Dr. Hawkins will harden the sculpted mixture with an LED light, then polish it to perfection. Bonding requires minimal prep, if any, and will last longer with diligent care.

Do you love your gums as much as your teeth?

If you’re not happy with the appearance of your gumline, whether it feels or looks uneven or seems to hide more of your teeth than it shows, it can be shaped to show more of your beautiful crowns. The process of gum contouring usually only requires a local anesthetic and one visit, and your results will be immediate. Your mouth is fast to heal, but you’ll want to be gentler than usual during brushing and flossing for a few weeks after gum contouring.

  • Contouring is a safe procedure that won’t expose your tooth roots.
  • The removal of excess gum tissue can make restorative and other cosmetic treatments easier.
  • Do you have just one tooth covered by more gum tissue than others? Contouring can reveal more of that petite tooth.
  • Excess gum tissue will not regrow—your reshaped gums will hold their new contours.

Get the compassionate care you deserve.

If you have any questions about our cosmetic dentistry services or are ready to schedule an appointment with your Arlington cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kasey Hawkins of Crown Dentistry, contact us today!

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