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Our dental family is important to us. We wouldn’t be able to do what we love without you, and we want you to know how appreciated you are. We’re happy to be of service when it comes to your smile, but even more pleased to build relationships with you.


Your oral health and overall wellbeing are personal things, as is finding a provider you trust.

For these reasons, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a nurturing nature. Medical and dental care don’t have to be cold and clinical. We think each day is much easier to enjoy when we’re forming positive partnerships and empowering our dental family to take the best possible care of themselves. We’re proud of our Arlington friends and neighbors that are improving their health and lives and love hearing about how we’ve helped. Will you share your feedback?

  • Hearing from our dental family brightens our day!
  • If there was something that made your experience special, we want to know!
  • We also want to know if we did something you weren’t satisfied with, because we’ll want to remedy the situation and improve.
  • See what other people have to say about Crown Dentistry!

Why Our Patients Smile

“I recommend Crown Dentistry - Bowen at Westwood. VERY impressed. Just switched in February. Hygienist is FABULOUS! Everyone is very friendly, too.”
“My wife made an appointment for our children to have their teeth cleaned and x-rayed. Dr. Hawkins and the staff made us feel so welcome from the moment we checked in to when we left. They even gave gifts to our children for visiting the office. We love this kind of service and definitely will be back.”
“Dr. Hawkins is thorough and an amazing dentist! Her team are very professional and treated me like royalty!”
"This office is excellent! After much hesitation on returning Dr. Hawkins back staff convinced me that this was the place to be! Toni helped the doctor at my last visit and she and Dr. Hawkins are what make that place a home for patients. I have never felt so welcomed there in all these years as I have by those two. Keep up the great work!"
"Today was my appt at Crown Dentistry and it was awesome! I felt so welcome from the time I walked in. The front desk staff was awesome and the crew in back were so amazing. I felt like I was really taken care of and I can't wait to go back."
"All of the staff were so friendly and very efficient! I was in and out very quickly and my teeth are super clean. Mad props to everyone in this office!"
"What an amazing dentist with the most cordial staff. Felt right at home too. Very welcoming. Pain management was exceptional. Really appreciated that they took my fears and concerns into account when discussing treatment options."
"Great office staff and dentist. Very thorough and friendly! They listen to you and really are invested in your long term care!"

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